RME Thermodrive

Thermodrive differs from other similar machines on the market. The 75L boiler is as the other RME-boilers oil-jacketed and has a hydraulic agitator. This makes it possible for the machine to keep the thermoplastic warm and well agitated for a long time.

With the hydraulic outlet-screw it is possible to control the flow of the thermoplastic to the screed box.
The petrol engine and the hydraulic 2-axle front drive make the machine very stable and easy to control.

LPG-burners are heating the boiler and the screed-box.
The screed-box is similar to the well-known RME-hand tool and comes in different widths (option).

Technical Spec.

Weight: appr 625 kg
Length: appr 2.130 mm
Width: appr 1.100 mm
Height: appr 1.050 mm
Engine: Subaru 14 hp, petrol
Framdrivning: 2-wheel drive, adjustable speed
Brake: Hydraulic and mechanical
Boiler: 75 L, oil-jacketed
Heating: LPG
Agitator: Hydraulic, adjustable speed and direction
Material screw: Hydraulic, adjustable speed and direction
Temp regulators: CAL 3300 12 V
Electrical system: 12V
Hydraulic tank: 20 L
Hydraulic cooler: Yes
Glass bead tank: appr 15 L
Pointer: Foldable