Pre Heaters

The preheaters are designed for melting thermoplastic road marking material. All preheaters have an oil jacket with a centre column providing heat from both outside and inside. The material is indirectly heated and thermostats control the temperature of both oil and material.

The agitator could be designed for powder or block material, and can be either hydraulic or electric. It is mounted in double top bearings, which makes a bottom bearing redundant.

The preheaters can be equipped with RME-MIX, which makes the mixing of the material gentle and efficient.

The spill-free outlet valve has an oil jacket and it can be handled manually, electrically or hydraulically.

All preheaters can be delivered as complete melting stations with filling system and power pack etc. (See separate product sheet)

preheater_mixRME-MIX, a device for making the mixing of the material gentle and efficient. High and low speed, left and right in any combination is possible, manually or automatically.





preheater_cal3300CAL 3300 thermostat controls for both oil and material with PT-100 sensors, overheat protection and a main switch for the heating is included in the electric system.