Mini Light

RME Mini Light

Mini Light is the smallest and latest developed truck built RME machine.
We combine the full RME technology and safety issue in all aspects. The machine is still operated from inside the truck cabin – 14-18 ton truck.

On the platform there is one large indirect heated preheater of up to 1.600L with the well known RME-pump, a hydraulically driven compressor, camera system for supervision, heat-oil system and glass bead system.

Application can be done on both sides with the newly developed transversal gun carrier, which is hydraulically movable from side to side. The gun carrier is operated from the truck cabin. The advantages of this solution are that only one extruder /set of spray guns are kept warm all the time besides the economy aspect to have only one extruder/set of spray guns to maintain.

The Mini Light is still a high capacity machine with set ups for extruder, spray or Flexidot. By using a smaller truck model, one preheater and the transversal gun carrier the investment level is very attractive.

Technical Spec.

Length: appr 6,6 m.
Wheel base: 4.1 m (or longer)
Width: 2,55 m.
Height: 3,5-3,8 m (depends on volume)
Weight tara: appr 9.300-9.800 kg
Weight allowed: 14.000-18.000 kg.
Preheater: RME 1.300L-1.600L
Control box: RME full spec.
Extruder: RME 50 cm
Spray guns: RME 3 pcs.
Flexidot: RME 50 cm (not with extruder).
Bead guns: RME 3 pcs.
Bead tank: Stainless steel 415L.
Production pump: RME 120L/min
Compressor: Hydraulic, 5-8 m3.
Pointer: Hydraulic/pneumatic
Burner: 24V.
Temp regulators: Can-bus system