RME Maxi

Maxi is a high-capacity machine built on a four axle chassis. There are several different setups; spray, extruder or combined.

Maxi is equipped with a 2×1.050L melting set and a production vessel of 1.200L on weighing cells.

A hydraulic compressor helps the pneumatic functions and a variable hydraulic pump on the clutch independent power outlet supplies all hydraulic functions.
A crane makes the filling of big bag material into the melting set easier.
On each side there is a applicator carrier that can be adjusted both vertically and sideways from the cab.

The control box makes the work a lot easier and also makes the line thickness independent of the speed.

The cab is equipped so that most of the work can be done inside – safe from traffic, noise and exhausts.

Technical Spec.

Length 10,5 m
Width 2,55 m
Height 4,0 m
Weight,tara incl. Truck ~20.000 kg
Weight,allowed (EU) 32.000 – 35.000kg
Melting set 2×1.050L
Production vessel RME 1.200L
Control Box RME full spec.
Extruder RME 300-500 mm
Spray block RME 2-3 pc /side
Flexidot RME 300-500 mm
Bead guns RME 2-3 pc/side
Bead tank 1 or 2 – 415/470L
Material pump RME 80L/min
Production pump RME 120L/min
Crane Effer 35
Compressor Hydraulic/diesel
Pointer: Hydraulic/Pneumatic
Burners Riello RG2
Temp regulators CAN-BUS

A day on the job in the RME Maxi
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RME Maxi – A complete production unit

Our vision was to develop a vehicle for line placement which combines a safe work and traffic environment with high productivity. The result was the RME Maxi.

Basically, it is a conventional four axle truck chassis with pivotable axles. We have converted it to be an independent production unit that can handle most types of line placements, from spray to extruding and Flexidot.

The RME Maxi is equipped with a two pan melting set and a production vessel on weighing cells. Each of the three vessels holds two tons of powder. Furthermore, the RME Maxi can be loaded with an additional large sack containing six tons of powder. The vehicle is also equipped with a diesel generator and a hydraulic crane.

The cookware is one of the unique features of all our RME vehicles. While most of our competitors increase the pressure in the vessels in order to transport the melted mass, we pump the melted mass instead. The advantages are many; our method is safer and more flexible, you do not need to wait for the pressure to drop in the vessel before you fill it with more powder. Instead you can pull into a parking spot, simply open the lid of the pan and refill it with powder. A few minutes later you can start applying new material.

A day on the job in the RME Maxi
The workday actually starts the day before. When you have parked for the night, you fill the pans with powder and turn on the timer. A few hours before your workday begins, the heating of the material commences. As you are about to start your workday, the material is ready for use.

When you drive the vehicle to the work site, you increase the heat and start the mixing process.

Once on site, the RME Maxi is ready for production. Before you start, put the warning devices in place, adjust the applicator carrier to the side, start the diesel compressor and select the desired line program on the computer.

All that remains is to start the line application.


During the entire line application, you remain in the cab, protected from the weather, traffic and exhaust. Naturally, the cab is equipped with air conditioning, radio and comfortable seats, in order to optimise your work environment. From the cab you have a great overview of the road and the production is controlled by the use of monitors and mirrors. You control the production settings and program changes via the control box, accessed through the use of a touch screen with a remarkably user friendly, easy access user interface.

When you need to make your way through narrow environments, you will be surprised.

As the RME Maxi is built on a four axle chassis with pivotable axles, the vehicle is flexible and has a surprisingly small turning radius.

When the material in the production vessel is about to run out, you refill the vessel from the melting pans without interruptions in the production. It is important that half of the melted material remains in the melting pots before you refill them with new powder. The already melted material, the automatic agitator, and indirect heating ensures an efficient and gentle melting process

The weighing cell suspension guarantees that the proper amount of material ends up on the road and that the material in the production vessel always can be accessed. The two melting pans have a combined capacity of four tons.

When the melted material is going to be applied, it is pumped up to the applicator through our unique hot oil jacketed material pump.