Hand Application Truck

Hand Application truck

 The right equipment for all kinds of hand application work, where the customer decides the size of chassis, platform and preheater. Customised to suit any needs, the truck will improve the work environment at the work site and also to and from it. 

Preheater in any size from 400-1000L, with hydraulics from the truck PTO, diesel from the truck diesel tank and electricity from the truck batteries. 

The truck can be fully equipped with warning signs and lights according to specific customer demands. 

RME has a certificate for the podium that meets the EU requirements for the rear under run protection. 

The Hand Application Truck can be built on any chassis from 12-21 tonnes and with any wheel base available.


Technical Spec.

Length ~6 – 9m
Width 2.5 m
Height ~3 – 4m
Preheater 400 – 1.000L
Burner Riello
Plattform height 400 – 1.000mm