Perpetuum mobile


Some of our customers call their RME line markers their perpetual motion machines. Why? They roll day after day and apply road marking mile after mile. With an unparalleled accuracy in terms of precision, variety and designs.
We are sometimes asked how it is possible.
The short answer is that we are focused on road marking with thermoplastic and have become specialists in it. The long answer is that it depends on five reasons.



The main secret to our products is the pump that feeds the hot thermoplastic. The pump is driven by hydraulics is mounted directly onto the preheater outlet. The pump casing is both heating coils and insulation, all to ensure high productivity combined with long life.




The most striking part of all our vehicles is the preheater with indirect heating which makes it possible to give the thermoplastic an even and precise heat. Unlike our competitors, the preheater is an open vessel, not a pressure vessel.
This gives you a great advantage. You can always open the lid of the pan and fill the vessel with new material when needed.



Control unit

DSC_6158When we designed the control box, we aimed to make it user friendly, clearly arranged and intuitive at the same time we wanted it to ensure a high productivity, accuracy beyond the ordinary and high flexibility.
It is based on a rubust and reliable industrial PC. Then we have adapted it. From the control panel, including information regarding the location of the vehicle on the roadway, line resolution and length. While you can control the shutters, spray guns, supply of glass beads and pump control.


The equipment can produce almost all kinds of line systems and combinations. The range and types of lines can be read on the display along with other information about the work done. Ten different programs can be saved and used individually.
There are two delay elements in the computer system. A system for delaying the start and stop of lines in time (milliseconds), and one to adjust the offset of the line (millimeters). This makes it possible to adjust the lines and glass beads from the computer to the exact position. Each set-up with delay saved in the program itself only, so delays can be different for each program, which is very useful for different types of lines.